With this destination, I thee wed…

With this destination, I thee wed…

February 14th -

So you just got engaged…  I know, all you have done for a week is stare at your finger.  You glance down at it; when you pass a mirror, you catch a glimpse of it; when you point to anything, you try to use your ring finger; and you adjust the way you sit at your desk or the table so that your ring is the first thing a passerby sees.  Once someone notices the ring, then the questions come.  You have no problem recreating the moment when he got down on one knee, what he said, how he held your hand, how your hair fell just perfect as he creaked open the ring box, but when they ask questions about the wedding plans, your mind goes blank.  You have been so busy showing off your ring and telling everyone how romantic your proposal was, and even how crazy to say the word “fiancé” is now, that you have not thought about the actual wedding plans. 


February 21st -

Another week has gone and avoiding any wedding details has been very difficult.  It is all everyone wants to know.  Well, actually when you say everyone most likely it is just your mother calling every day to find out and your best friend since she automatically assumes she is the maid of honor but still, it seems like it is all anything anyone wants to talk to you about.  You decide to gather every wedding magazine you do not already have and start making some decisions.  After hours of gluing pictures of floral arrangements to photos of place settings, you have created the perfect traditional wedding.  You cannot wait till your fiancé comes home so you can show him everything.  As soon as he gets home you throw him into the living room chair and bombard him with color schemes, linen choices, tuxedo designs, and wedding cake ideas and now he is the one with the blank stare on his face…  “I was thinking that we could have a small wedding on the beach somewhere, just like Tim and Melissa did last year.  What do you think?”  What, no limo pulling up to the church where your father escorts you up to the aisle?  No grand entrance into the ball room?  No chicken dance or electric slide with your tipsy aunt from Arizona?  Wait, you just saw an article in your magazine about destination weddings.  In fact, you used the photo of the orchids sprinkled all over the sand where the aisle was on the beach for your wedding planning scrapbook.  You thought you could use orchids instead of rose petals for your wedding.  This concept is sending you into a tailspin, but as you speed read the article, you start realizing that the wedding planning could be just as fun if you had a destination wedding.  You give your fiancé a big hug and kiss and park yourself in front of the computer till you find the perfect locale for the happiest day of your life. 


Paris, the city of love…  Italy, such romantic and whimsical architecture…  Colorado, the winter wonderland surrounding your wedding…  Hawaii, the smell of tropical flowers and the sweet salty air mixed with eukalalies playing in the background.  There are just so many choices.  How will you decide?  Mexico, Hampton Beach, Aruba, Fiji, England, Ireland.  The choices are literally limitless but exciting.  After listening to your mother’s disapproval because your great aunts are too old to fly on a plane or there is no way your childhood neighbor would ever get the time off of work to come, you realize this is the perfect wedding.  You do not want strangers at your wedding.  You want the most important people in your lives to be there and that is just the ones that will take the time to come on your vacation.  


February 28 -

Another week has gone by and picking a destination out of a hat did not work, flipping a coin left you and your fiancé fighting, and your mother’s suggestion of their backyard at their lake house in New Hampshire is not your idea of a destination wedding.  You spin around in your chair, close your eyes, and place a push pin on the world map in your office  St. Martin in the Caribbean!  You Google it and cannot believe how exquisite the beaches are.  That’s it.  You are getting married in St. Martin.  Now the fun can really start.  You search the web for all kinds of St. Martin wedding planners, photographers, hair salons, etc.  Within minutes you are on the phone with a wedding coordinator on the island and already have half your plans in motion.  This is wonderful.  A barefoot wedding on the beach with our closest friends and family!  And get this – your wedding planner suggests the best idea of all.  Why not rent a vacation home on the island for the entire wedding party to stay with you and you can even have the wedding at the vacation rental!  This just gets better and better.  Your fiancé is excited at this point because you are excited and the plans are in motion. 


August 20 – (a month away from the wedding of your dreams)

About two months ago your fiancé and you visited St. Martin to finalize all the details of the wedding.  You visited the villa you rented for the ceremony and reception.  To get a feel for the island and what your days on the island will be like, you rented a small townhouse in St. Martin.  It was just amazing to be on vacation with your fiancé, test-tasting wines, hors d’oeuvres, and cakes, while lounging at the pool of your vacation rental, and to top it off, your cell phone was not international so you could not take calls from your mother!  (Or at least that is what you told her!).  You reluctantly packed up to go home but left your heart there knowing that you would be back in a month marrying your true love! 


September 12 – Wedding Day!

Thank goodness you rented a vacation home because you just found out that there is a sailing regatta and all the hotels on the island are filled with sailors and their cheering squads!  You luckily do not have to deal with any of that because you are getting married on a private beach outside your oceanfront villa. 


As the sun sets over the ocean’s horizon, you stare out onto the beach from your villa’s balcony and say thank you to your “husband”.  This was his idea and one of the many reasons you love him.  It was the perfect way to start your life together.  And, you managed to come home with a wickedly amazing tan from your destination wedding that made people even more jealous than your engagement ring!






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