St. Lucia, Our Family Destination Vacation!

St. Lucia, Our Family Destination Vacation!

When we stepped off the plane, the island hills surrounded the airport.  The sky was crystal blue and the palms swayed in the breeze.  The tranquil sounds of steel drums played in the background as we rode the tram to the baggage claim area, and the warm tropic air caressed our skin.  Welcome to St. Lucia… Paradise. 

As we drove up the palm tree lined driveway to our rental home my stomach got that queasy feeling; you know the one where you tempted the milk gods and drank it a week after the expiration date…  The vacation rental was stunning.  It was an actual villa on the water!  White pillars and hibiscus bushes adorned the front entrance… Why am I feeling so nauseas?  Wow, I have never seen so many windows in one house.  And there it was… the source of my nausea… hanging out of the farthest left window waving uncontrollably… my mother!

And then the  rest of them came running off the beach…  my sister and her 5 children, my father, my husband’s nephew and his date of the week, and the list goes on and on…  20 family members total!  It was like a scene directly out of a National Lampoons’ movie – The Patrick’s Family Reunion!  How did I get myself involved in this?  I mumble to myself, “why did I agree to this?”  My husband catches my question, rolls his eyes, and says, “because you had one too many sour apple martinis at your cousins’ wedding.”  Oh, yeah.  Now I remember.  We were sitting at the table nearest to the bar.  As the drinks poured in, my family got more tolerable, even pleasant to be around.  When it was time to toast, I offered up some sentimental words about marital bliss and the importance of family.  Then the toast turned into babble and before I knew it, I was inviting everyone on a family vacation.  We were having so much fun, why not continue this at a beach paradise?! 

My sister, being the thrifty one of the bunch, mentioned that we should go camping because it would be more economical for the entire family and just how great it would be to cook hotdogs and beans over an open fire.  We can fuel that fire with my vodka tonics because there was no way I was sleeping on the ground.  Since apparently this little reunion trip was my idea (but until someone shows me the wedding video with proof of this, I am denying it ever happened), I took it upon myself to call some hotels I researched to find out group rates.  Not going to happen unless we can cram 10 people per 2-bed suites!  What next?  Since my cancellation of this event email got rejected by everyone except my husband, it became apparent that this family vacation was happening.  I asked the family for destination ideas and the suggestions came pouring in.  Well, if you count my brother sending an email telling me he is blocking me from his inbox and my 90-year old grandmother’s cartoon of the day as suggestions, that is.  My husband and I came across a post on Facebook about a vacation rental home at the beach.  It slept 20 people and would cost a fraction of the hotel price.  It was perfect.  The villa, as the post described it, was located on the water’s edge and had a ton of beachfront.  There were plenty of fun outdoor activities for all the children, too.  It certainly is cheaper to let nature be their amusement park!  And just think, I could lay out on the deck and tip my nieces and nephews way below 10% to fetch my sunscreen or my lemonade since they all range from 5-10 years old. 

We unloaded the rental car and everyone was anxious to show us around the vacation home.  It was breathtaking, and my family, well, let’s just say, you want your breath to be taken away!  Each room in the house had a different nautical theme and when we entered the kitchen, I think even Martha Stewart would drool.  My mom was already whipping up a feast of her specialties.  She looked so happy to be cooking (with love) for her family.  When I saw the kids playing tag on the beach and my dad reading the paper with that neon orange zinc sunscreen on his nose, I just had to laugh.  They still even sell that?  The kids were running on the beach tormenting everything from the seagulls to my 90 year old grandma resting on the deck.  They buried her glasses along with many other “treasures” in the sand so they could try out their new compasses and pirate patches.  As I turned to check out who was floating in the pool, a rogue wave came across the pool.  Did my husband have his swim trunks on under his clothes?  How could he have gotten in the pool so fast?  It certainly did not look like I had to drag him to this vacation after witnessing that cannonball he just landed.  St. Lucia certainly had quite an effect on my family.  With all the craziness my family travels with, renting this beach house has turned out to be the best vacation we have experienced.  There was something for everyone and if you needed privacy, you could sneak off for a walk on the beach or take a beach cruiser into town.  If you asked my thrifty sister, she will tell you that if you travel with a large family, renting a house is the most economical option because you can clip coupons from the local paper and buy your own food at low prices, not inflated room service prices.  My mom would tell you that renting a vacation house for the family was great because it was like cooking Thanksgiving dinner every day and she loves to pamper her family.  My husband and I agree that I will never make another toast at a wedding again but if such event did occur, renting the vacation villa is the best option because in the end, spending quality time with the family was as enjoyable as it was painful and we will never forget it (how can I since after a night of cocktails around the bonfire, my sisters and I walked into town and got matching tattoos).  Thank you St. Lucia for a great vacation!












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