Can I PLEASE take off this blindfold now? Lahaina, Hawaii is too Beautiful to miss…

Can I PLEASE take off this blindfold now?  Lahaina, Hawaii is too Beautiful to miss…


“Can I PLEASE take off this blindfold now?  I think the rest of the passengers get the idea that you are trying to surprise me and I am starting to get motion sickness.”  As I take off the silky blindfold and quickly realize my husband gave me one of those blindfolds with the fake wide eyes on it with way too much mascara, I look around and don’t even bother looking for clues as to where we are headed.  I overheard my husband ask the flight attendants to remove all the in-flight magazines. 


Let’s rewind 48 hours ago…  I came home and could only open our front door half way.  I squeeze my head through the opening and look down to see luggage blocking the door.  Either my husband is leaving me or he is throwing me out.  I yell for him to come let me in and as he whistles down the stairs, I realize it is none of the above.  He must be up to something!  He is always up to something!  “What is going on here?  Why is our luggage out?” 


“Our luggage is out, my friend, because we are going on vacation.  A surprise vacation destination.  Don’t worry; I have taken care of everything.  I packed your clothes, stopped the mail – by the way – our mail delivery personal, which I found out does not go by mailman anymore, the hard way – is very nosey and insisted on knowing our travel destination  so you are banned from speaking with him till we get back.  I have my mother coming over to water the plants, and your boss gladly gave you the time off since you have worked for 3 years straight with not one day off.”


All I could do was stand there speechless.  I am a bit of a control freak so taking all my powers for planning, organizing, and scheduling, is like taking Wonder Woman’s indestructible cuff bracelets away!  What’s that saying?  If you can’t beat them, join them???  I guess I have to put my trust in my husband’s hands that this surprise works out a bit better than the time he thought it would be perfect to move our home office into our bedroom (even though we had an actual room designated for a home office) and we could not sleep because of the hard drive’s hum, the blinking lights from the monitor, and the fax machine’s ringing. 


So, now we are back on the plane, 3 hours into the flight and my husband will not give me a clue.  “How much longer till we land?”  He told me that we had quite a bit of time left but assured me that it would be worth it.  My husband went as far as having the pilot announce that it was time for me to put my iPod on before he continued with ANY of his announcements.  How my husband managed this one, I may never know! 


Nine hours later, we were getting ready to descend onto land.  I wish I could tell you I had a clue as to where we were vacationing but my husband kept the window closed the whole time!  When we landed and the seatbelt light went off, the flight attendants emerged with flower leis on over their uniforms.  Ah-ha!  Hawaii!  I felt so bad because I saw my husband’s expression sink.  He made it 6000 miles from home with no clues and the surprise is blown by a couple of leis!  HAWAII!!!!  We are in Hawaii!  Yahoo!  “What island are we on?  Not that it matters because every island is perfect in Hawaii!  Thank you so much!  I love you!  What’s next?  Where are we staying?  The Four Seasons?  The Hilton?  Marriott?  A Hawaiian Vacation Rental by Owner?  Oh wait, did you use  Remember that great rental by owner we found on Villa4Vacation for your parents’ 40th anniversary in the US Virgin Islands???”


“Better.  I didn’t use this time…  I found this quaint island Bed & Breakfast for us to stay at.  They serve fresh mango muffins every morning with locally grown Kona coffee, and outside our lanai is a waterfall!  And, we are on the island of Maui, and heading to Lahaina.”


After getting our bags, picked up our rental car, and grabbed an island map, we were on our way to our Hawaiian B & B.  As we pulled up the palm tree lined, rock covered driveway, both of our jaws dropped.  We could not believe what was in front of our eyes.  I looked down at the pamphlet my husband gave me in the car and then looked up at the b & b.  The photo on the cover must have been taken about 50 years ago because what was in front of us was much much different.  What stood before us made the Bates Motel look like a 5-star luxury Hawaiian Villa Rental!  What a dump!  How could we stay here for 10 days?  This was one of those moments when my husband and I could read each others’ mind telepathically.  He put the car in reverse and started down the dirt road lined with brown, limp palm trees.  We headed back towards the airport, both of us speechless.  I did not want to say anything because in all actuality this is typical for my husband.  His heart is in the right place but his execution never seems to go his way.   Before we know it we are back at the airport and I decided to go up to the young girl dressed in the Hawaiian muumuu directing tourists.


With a smile on her face the whole time, she explains that because of some triathlon event this weekend, all the major resorts are booked but she can recommend a few Hawaiian vacation rental homes that are available where you rent by owner.  I went over to the airport wi-fi area and logged onto the public computer., which is what my husband should have done in the first place but if I harp on him now it would take away all the good he was trying to do, has tons of homes available right here on Maui and even in Lahaina.  I take the information and get back into our rental with my husband.  Without a word about the Hawaiian Bates Motel, we start calling the homeowners to book a vacation rental directly by owner.  We did not have time to email the owners since we were in airport limbo so thankfully, Villa4Vacation lets you lookup the homeowners’ phone numbers.  When the homeowners ask when we need the vacation rental for, they chuckle when they hear “in about an hour,” but are very accommodating.  We manage to rent a Lahaina vacation rental home directly by owner within walking distance to Lahaina Harbor and the historic Banyan Tree.  The Banyan tree is treated like a member of the community because it has played a significant part in Lahaina’s history.  King Kamehameha III celebrated a birthday beneath its leaves, as it was a part of the ceremony that celebrated Hawaii’s inclusion in the United States of America. You have to see it to be believe it! Today it provides the shade for the celebration of life in Lahaina. Beneath it you’ll find craft shows, music events, meetings and those who are just in search of a nice place to sit and rest.


The Lahaina vacation rental home was stunning!  Bamboo furniture throughout, traditional Hawaiian décor, and more room than our home back in New Jersey!  We decided to unpack our clothes and freshen up so we could go explore the town.  My husband did not have much planned because the unfortunate bed & breakfast assured him that activities and excursions were part of the rental package. 


“Oh my goodness!  What did you pack?  Did someone tell you the weather goes down to 30 degrees in Hawaii?  Where are my skirts?  My beautiful sun dresses?  What about my straw floppy hat that looks more like I am attending the Kentucky Derby instead of sunbathing?”  What did my husband do?  After a few minutes of rummaging through my luggage, I manage to put together a somewhat, less than noticeable, out of place outfit.  Wool dress slacks and a camisole??!!  A shopping in Lahaina we will go! 


We spent the evening walking around Lahaina and talking with locals about must-see Maui hotspots.  By the end of our stroll, we have 10 days worth of activities and excursions booked.  We even got invited to the neighbor’s for a laulau.  Think the yellow chiffon bridesmaid’s dress from my sister’s wedding will be appropriate for such an occasion?  I was already trying to figure out how I was going to bike down Mount Haleakala in my winter white turtleneck sweater and gym shorts!  Every time I thought about my luggage, I just shook my head.  At least I can wear my Walk-for-a-Cure sweatshirt and jeans in the car and just pump the air conditioning when we cruise the Road to Hana. 


Thankfully we were able to rent a Lahaina, Maui vacation rental where we ate our first few days of meals in private because it took me a few days to purchase a summer wardrobe.  Going to dinner in my high school cheerleading uniform may be frowned upon in Maui!  I know I would be frowning. (And, I am not quite sure what my husband was thinking when he packed that.  Well, I do but after the 12 hours of isolation on a plane, a trip to the Adam’s Family Bed & Breakfast, and a winter wardrobe for a Hawaiian vacation, that was NOT happening!)


All in all, our trip to Lahaina, Maui was a blast.  The Lahaina vacation rental home was absolutely perfect and the homeowner even stopped by with a fresh pineapple on our last morning!  I will wait till we land in New Jersey to start harping on my husband about not using for this trip.  That is the Hawaiian way!  Mahalo, Lahaina, Maui!  Aloha `oe…  A hui hou kakou.  Thank you, Lahaina.  Farewell to you, and until we meet again!


This blog was written by Villa4vacation staff 6/1/2010 1:48 PM

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