Vacation Rentals or a Hotel Room?

Vacation rentals - a top choice for a traveler

Vacation rentals - a top choice for a traveler

Everyone is looking forward for a vacation after a hard year's work. This is a time to relax and stop thinking about all the responsibilities and worries that normal everyday life includes.


Before going anywhere one must choose a desired location, but even more than that, accommodation should be considered together with price, its location and amenities. While in the old days hotels were somehow a favored choice for most, vacation rentals are becoming a top choice for a nowadays traveler.


Vacation rentals can be whatever you think of – cabins, cottages, rented homes, condos, and more. Regardless of your preferred choice of housing, vacation rentals usually offer more privacy and space than a hotel and they also come at a price affordable for everyone. Such type of accommodation comes with standard equipment and amenities but also in luxury variations offering home theaters, saunas, gourmet kitchens, beautiful gardens, security systems, private libraries, special services, catering, and many more. Some vacation rentals will also allow you to access private facilities such as golf courses or sporting halls.

Where vacation rentals are specifically located depends on the nearby points of interest, but they tend to stay close to popular tourist locations. Being situated in the center of tourist activity, rentals provide travelers with the comfort and convenience they expect on holidays.

You will generally get much better value with vacation rentals than you would with hotels. In case a whole family or group of friends are planning a vacation, rentals come at much lower costs and offer more flexibility, since staying in a hotel would generally require numerous hotel rooms, which may or may not be situated conveniently close to each other.

Four things you should keep in mind
when looking for vacation rentals

Location – You should always try to find those vacation rentals that are located in the area where your main activates will take place. Go for lodging in the center of tourist activities if you want beaches, resorts, restaurants, bars and shops all conveniently placed close to you, or go for remote rentals if you wish to enjoy the landscapes in peace away from all the noisy tourists.

Accommodation Size – Depending on the number of travelers, size of vacation rentals plays an important role when planning for vacation. Do you have children or seniors with you? Such questions should be answered in order to find most suitable room configurations.

Amenities – There is always a big list of amenities that one can choose from when renting accommodation. You should have a clear mind which amenities are most important to you and which ones are good to have, but are not a determining factor.

Price – How much money you can afford to spend plays a vital role in choosing vacation rentals, so know your financial limitations and narrow down your choices accordingly.


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