Disney Trip with a large family – rent a vacation home.


Everywhere you turn, there are tips and tricks for a successful Disney World or Disney Land trip.  What time of the year is best to go?  When is Orlando’s temperature the coolest?  What are some of the best ways to navigate the parks with children?  Can you bring your own beverages into the park?  And the list of questions goes on and on. 


You want to worry about catching Mickey Mouse for his autograph rather than having your child walk around the park with ice cream all down his shirt because you forgot a change of clothes, right?  By following the tips submitted by experienced-Disney travelers below, you and your family will have time to feel the magic of Disney…


·         These are the least crowded times of the year to visit Disney World & Disneyland.  If you have children under 5, check out these dates of travel

o        The second week of January to the first week of February (except Martin Luther King holiday weekend)

o        Third week of August to the start of October

o        The month of November (except for Thanksgiving weekend)

o        The week after Thanksgiving up to week of Christmas

o        Check out http://www.villa4vacation.com/rentals/Central-Orlando.aspx for vacation rentals available for these dates and many more!

·         Visitors have suggested to take the Disney restaurants up on their offer to brown-bag your breakfasts so you can eat it while waiting on line for your first ride but if you are with children under 5 and you are a mother, you know that by the time you get your family’s turn on the teacups, your children will be wearing their oj and egg sandwich so the best idea is to eat breakfast in the hotel room before you head to the park.  There are less distractions for your children so they will more likely sit and eat so they can go to the park as fast as possible!

·         Even if you do not need a stroller for your children to ride in, bring it anyway (or rent it at Disney).  It is a great place to store extra clothes, snacks and drinks, and any souvenirs you buy.  You can park it at each ride and this way, while on line, you do not have to hold everyone’s bags.  If you do not want to use a stroller, there are many other options to use – beach carts, folding shopping bags w/ wheels, or even coolers on wheels. 

·         Have you and your family wear similar colored shirts or hats in case you are separated.  Or, before you get to Disney, you can order custom-made temporary tattoos that have your child’s contact information in case they are lost.  Stick it right on their arm and it will wash off when your trip is over.

·         Research the park and all the rides.  Some may be scary for younger children than others.  And, you want to know where you can steer the older kids so they enjoy the parks, too.  Disney is not just for younger children… there is Disney magic for all ages!

·         If you are traveling with a large family – rent a vacation home.  You will save a ton of money on cooking most of your meals instead of eating out every day!  Villa4vacation.com has thousands of rentals advertised for Disneyland and Disney World.  You can contact the owners directly from the site to ask about the available amenities and distance to the parks.  Here is a featured listing with a special discount available - http://www.villa4vacation.com/vacation-rental/Hampton-Lakes/446345.aspx.  You can contact the owners directly from the site to ask about the available amenities and distance to the parks.

·         Look into Disney discounts.  Check out http://www.villa4vacation.com/magictickets.aspx.

So, you have your answer to when the least crowded time to visit Disney is, and you know that you can bring your own food and beverages into the park, and you can even rent strollers at the park but do you know what the weather is like during those dates?  Florida and California are known for their sunny weather year round, but it is best to research the average weather temperatures during the time you have selected for your trip and even the average rain fall for that month.  Weather.com is a great place to start your research.

Take these tips and let Disney make your dreams come true.  At Disney, fun is the order of the day and worries are absolutely not allowed.  Enjoy your trip!  And, feel free to share your tips and tricks with us, too!

This blog was written by Villa4vacation staff 2/8/2010 3:48 PM

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