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Guest blogger is a stay-at-home-mom of two toddlers and has been married almost 6 years now

Guest blogger is a stay-at-home-mom of two toddlers and has been married almost 6 years now.  Traveling is in her blood but with two babies it has not been a priority. 

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon but since the Superbowl comes first, I know for a fact that my husband has not thought of my gift yet.  I am not sure if that is a cruel joke from the NFL gods to put the Superbowl on during prime Valentine’s Day shopping time or what, but it certainly makes it more difficult for my husband to catch onto the not-so-subtle hints I leave him.  So, since my little notes, emails, and cutouts from magazines are not working on my husband at the moment because he is too busy planning his Superbowl dates instead of ours, I have decided to just spell it out for the rest of the men in the world just in case you are reading blogs other than football ones!

Hint #1 – If you and your special lady have only been dating for a short time but are exclusive - a piece of jewelry would be nice (and candy and flowers is not enough!), but during that new-relationship period, all a woman wants is your undivided attention and to spend as much time together as possible.  Men, this is important to know… a woman in a new relationship will basically agree to like anything you like.  She wants you to think she loves the same things you love.  What does this mean for you?  A weekend away to a casino (Atlantic City, for example http://www.villa4vacation.com/rentals/Atlantic-City.aspx) for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift.  It is a win-win for both parties.  The woman gets to spend an entire weekend with her man and the man gets to gamble.  Throw in a certificate to a spa at the casino and you just bought yourself an hour at the tables while your lady gets pampered! 

Hint #2 – Are you in an exclusive relationship or living with your girlfriend?  It appears that your special lady has made it passed the first round of dating and you two are in love.  It is amazing that you found someone who loves comic book movies and pizza with sausage, pepperoni, & onions just like you!  Well, sort of.  She is now waiting for the ring so she has to keep up the charade that she loves all the same things as you!  For Valentine’s Day, you need to reward her.  She has sat up in the bedroom too many Friday nights while you had Poker night downstairs and she has tolerated the time conflict on the DVR between the ultimate fighting matches and Gossip Girl one too many times.  She is ready to explode like a volcano on you unless you blow her socks off and give her a romantic weekend for Valentine’s Day.  One special night is not enough for this lady.   She needs a whole weekend.  Whisk her off to the Florida Keys http://www.villa4vacation.com/rentals/Florida-Keys.aspx or San Diego, California http://www.villa4vacation.com/rentals/San-Diego-County.aspx and plan all her favorite things… spa treatments, shopping, sunset dinners, and cocktails under the stars.  She will know you don’t take her for granted and don’t worry, she won’t be looking in the champagne for a ring just yet then.  (If by next Valentine’s Day you are taking her away for another romantic weekend – she will treat the whole trip like one big scavenger hunt and the prize – one engagement ring!)  :o)

Hint #3 – Whether you are a newlywed or married for quite some time, your wife has finally ‘fessed up that she dislikes your favorite camouflage hat and your friends coming over on football Sundays.  She has now taken control of your domain and rules the roost.  You love her and she loves you so a special Valentine’ Day trip that offers things for you both is perfect.  You don’t need to spend every minute together so while she is sunbathing poolside http://www.villa4vacation.com/vacation-rental/Juan-Dolio/441530.aspx  you can be teeing off on the greens.  Just getting away from the daily grind is the perfect gift for your wife.

Other great destinations for Valentine’s couples:

Slopeside in Aspen, Colorado (perfect place to curl up by the fire together at night) http://www.villa4vacation.com/rentals/colorado/aspen.aspx


Hint #4 - Now, this is an important one.  The wife and mother!  If you have children, you are already walking a thin line in your household.  A mommy’s nerves are quite fragile.  Her moods change more often than the ocean’s tides, and she is tired!  Every holiday where there is gift-giving, a mommy wishes for just even one night alone, only to wake up alone, to sit at the pool alone, read a book that does not rhyme, have a glass of wine alone, and to dine with two hands & while the food is still hot.  Basically, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a wife and mother would be a trip alone to a secluded place where cell phones don’t work and there is no TV http://www.villa4vacation.com/vacation-rental/Vineyard-Haven/444324.aspx.   Don’t take it the wrong way, this lady loves you and her children, but after being a wife to someone and being a mommy to kids, there is no more time in the day to just be her!  You can come on this special trip but knowing the kids are home with grandparents will only stress your wife out wondering if they are on schedule or taking advantage of grandma!  Give your wife and mommy the gift of solitude this Valentine’s Day. 

Hint #5 – Planning to propose this Valentine’s Day?  Yes, the ring should be enough.  You would think, right?  Well, you will later find out after years of marriage that women are much more complicated than that.  Shocking, I know.  Women love being able to walk around with that diamond on their finger but what we love even more is to tell other women how you proposed and gave them that ring.  Sorry to disappoint you but just getting down on one knee and reciting a speech you practiced for weeks just is not enough.  To be honest, once she sees that glint of sparkle as you open the box, they stop listening.  She will never remember what you said.  But… we will remember what you were wearing, what she was wearing, how her hair looked, and where it was.  Make your engagement unforgettable and propose in an exotic locale in the South Pacific…  Tahiti is nice this time of year… hint hint… http://www.villa4vacation.com/vacation-rental/Moorea/442669.aspx. You will earn husband credits that will bring you right up till approximately the 3rd anniversary.  (After that, you will have to start sweeping them off their feet all over again!  I know, it never ends, but either does love.  Congrats on your engagement!!)

Here are a few other engagement ideas – tag line “Go Big or Go Home!”

Monte Carlo http://www.villa4vacation.com/rentals/Monte-Carlo.aspx

Island of Malta http://www.villa4vacation.com/rentals/Monte-Carlo.aspx



Now, before the Superbowl airs this Sunday book your special lady’s vacation http://www.villa4vacation.com/AdvancedSearch.aspx and let her spend the next two weeks dropping hints on what she wants for Valentine’s Day all the while, smiling, knowing you already got it for her! 



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