Mai Tai’s on us... We are getting married again... in Hawaii

Mai Tai’s on us...  We are getting married again... in Hawaii

Picking the perfect destination for your wedding could be considered harder than picking your wedding dress, especially since you have had a picture of your dress etched in your mind since you were 6 years old, and if you are a boy, you have no idea what I am talking about and just remember your mother always telling you that when you meet the right girl, make sure to strive to keep her happy.  (That’s a good mother and makes for a very happy daughter-in-law!!!)

When I got married, my now-husband, then-fiancé, opted for the traditional church wedding with 200+ guests, a deejay, and the hokey pokey.  We do not regret the choice one bit because we get to remember my mother drinking way too much champagne before the ceremony to calm her nerves or how my brother really does have two left feet on the dance floor or when we came down the stairs everyone in the reception had on funny nose glasses!  But, when we boarded the plane for Hawaii the morning after our wedding, we sat down, sighed, and agreed that if we ever renewed our vows we would opt for a destination wedding!  Why wait for the honeymoon when you can be on it during your wedding!?! 

My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we have decided to renew our vows next year.  We have two children and a boatload of family members who sware that they would not miss our renewal ceremony no matter what.  Between you and me, they are looking for the top shelf open bar we had 9 years ago and homemade cupcake towers with take-out containers next to them!  Not so sure who will commit to flying somewhere around the world but we know they all own tropical print shirts since they wore them proudly to our backyard rehearsal dinner luau! 

It is no surprise to our families that we are renewing our vows in Hawaii since that is where we went for our honeymoon and it is where we vacation ever year with our girls.  After sending out the save the date coconut magnets, we started the destination wedding planning! 

A few weeks after we sent the save-the-date coconuts, we discovered a great condo complex on the island of Kauai that had a block of vacation rentals available for the date of our vow renewal ceremony.  We put together a mini-travel guide kit for our guests which included an island map, photos and contact info of the vacation rentals that we secured discounts with the owners already, and some macadamia nuts.   Our little foursome booked a vacation home right on the Hanalei Shore about 40 minutes from our guest.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our family but why can’t we have our cake and eat it too?  Have our closest family and friends on the island of Kauai with us but at a distance?  Sounds like a great vacation to me.  If it were up to my husband, we would be in a 3 bedroom villa on the Big Island while our family was on Kauai! 

Since I planned my wedding the first time around and have assisted many brides after, I knew the drill.  Time to pick color scheme.  I opted for a breezy crisp white sundress with a short train and white sequined hibiscus embroidered all around the sweetheart neckline.  Stunning!  I decided to keep with the freshness of white and let our surroundings be the color.  Blue skies, turquoise ocean water, white sandy beaches, and a rainbow of plumeria flowers, orchids, and lilies.  Sounds nice so far, huh?

My girls begged me to let them be barefoot

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