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One quick story about Disney

One quick story about Disney ... If you have ever been to Disney here in Orlando, you will notice the roads are not straight, they go in circles and there is no scheme to that other than Walt Disney took a ride over the property before it was cleared and prepared for the theme park etc. Walt Disney saw the cow paths and stated the trees must remain in tact, unless I agree it must be removed, the roads will remain paved as they stand. these roads were caused by the hundreds of cows living there.

So on with my romantic story of how I met my husband:

My sister was down stairs waiting for her date and my blind date, she asked the men to please come in and I was up stairs dressing, and decided to wear high heels, and when I came down stairs I met Yavuz, he was not tall,but very handsome, I excused my self and went back up stairs to change into flat shoes, then my sister came up and said, Virginia since you are tall and your friend is short, I am short and my friend is tall, why don't we switch partners, I said o.k. as I didn't know either one and it was a once date. so we both went back down stairs and we took a bus down town, all four of us sitting on a long seat, and when we got off the bus she suggested we go and get a cold drink, and that would be our chance to exchange dates, I said o.k, so we arrived at the soda fountain, went to a booth and Harri sat down, I sat next to Harri, then Yavuz reached for Julia's hand, she got up and then he reached for mine, he placed Julia next to Harri and then placed me in the empty booth side and sat down beside me.

Yavuz and I dated going to places where talking was not the most important thing, the first date was to the Zoo, he wanted to go there because I had a little girl about 4 and he wanted to include her. that was such a sweet thing and it worked so well with me liking him more, Mother and I invited him for a Sunday dinner, it turned out well for all. My Mother liked him very much and my little girl liked him also, there were many dates and finally he had to return to Turkey with the other gentlemen that came to learn classification and I was somewhat tired of not being able to speak his language and he knew very little English. He told me a story about a bus ride he took to see the area, just a ride and he didn't want to sit by an American girl as they talked too much he just wanted to see the area, so he went to the back of the bus near the exit, sat next to the window and looked out side, a lady sat beside him and he did not turn around. So the bus rode on and after a while the lady touched him on the shoulder, he turned to her and she said, blah, blah, blah, he said to himself she is telling me it is a beautiful day, so he said "Yes" turned his face to the window again and she touched him on the shoulder and said, blah, blah, blah, she thought she said again it is really a beautiful day and he replied Yes, and later he said she touched him again and said blah, blah, blah, and he thought she didn't like the yes, answer so this time he said No. She reached up over his head and pulled the cord to notify the driver she wanted off at the next stop. and got off the bus. In case you didn't realize what she must have said, She asked him to pull the cord after two stops down the road, when he said no, she pulled it herself.

When he left for New York with the other Turkish gentlemen, we said good bye and he left, after he left the phone rang, and he asked if I could come to New York form Washington D.C. and I asked my Mother if she would take care of my daughter, and she agreed, so the next train was about midnight or a little after, the street car took me to Union Station, arriving at the station in N.Y. about 5:00A.M. Yavuz was there to meet me, we walked all over town holding hands and just enjoying our time forl the last time, we had breakfast in a nice little shop when it opened and coffee and the other gentleman were on the side walk waiting for a cab. they talked for a few minutes, and we went up to get his luggage and then went to the airport together.

His plane was waiting, we sat on a bench outside the waiting room, kissed and said good bye. He got on the plane and I cried, the plane took off and I realized I didn't tell him I loved him. I cried and prayed for God to let me see him Just One More Time....the plane turned around and came back and everyone was told there would be an hour wait for things to be checked, I thanked God and of course I told him I loved him and he loved me. We made plans for him to stay and not go back, but he said, Virginia I made a promise, I must keep my promise and return and teach the other students what I learned, but he said, when my promise is fulfilled I will get on a ship and come to the gulf and jump overboard and swim to maybe Miami.

I then asked him how he would manage jumping overboard with the sharks and he said "Jumping Overboard" is out. I will find another way, but the Turkish Government is not happy about the young men going out of the country, he said we will write and find a way. So. we wrote and decided it would be better for me to go the Turkey....

My next story will be my trip to Turkey...

Virginia Aktay

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