Popular Wedding destinations

Popular Wedding destinations

Looking for the ultimate wedding destination? Villa4vacation.com offers accommodations in some of the most romantic places on the planet. Here are a few of our top choices.

New York City’s Central Park New York City’s Central Park, in the heart of Manhattan, is the site for many romantic wedding ceremonies. One of the most popular venues is the six-acre Conservatory Garden, at Fifth Avenue and 105th Street. Its displays of flowers, shrubs and trees make this a choice photographic site for many couples. Other popular places for wedding ceremonies in the park include The Pond, Cherry Hill, Bow Bridge, Shakespeare Garden, Cedar Hill, the Mall, Hernshead,100th Street Pool, and Harlem Meer.

France’s charming Le Chateau d'Esclimont Located just 45 minutes outside of Paris, France’s charming Le Chateau d'Esclimont estate is a choice wedding setting in Europe. The chateau is set on an enchanted lake, part of a 150 acre estate, not far from the grandeur of Versailles. Your guests can enjoy fishing, hiking, riding horses, and more – all on the scenic grounds.

Golden Gate Bridge For a northern California wedding with breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the city of San Francisco, and the Bay, consider the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. With its remarkable art and architecture, the Palace offers a setting for spectacular photos and exceptional memories. Chicago’s Botanic Gardens

Chicago’s Botanic Gardens is ranked among the top botanical gardens in the United States. Many romantic weddings are set here, especially on the Rose Terrace. Not only does this intimate outside terrace surround your guests with exquisite floral beauty, they will also have the added pleasure of sweeping fragrance from all the adjacent gardens. Mexico’s Cozumel

Mexico’s Cozumel is a wondrous playground that invites romantic weddings all year round. Its expressive pastel sunsets, overlooking expansive beaches along the sparkling green sea, make for the most incredible backdrop for an unforgettable wedding. Choose from splendid vacation rental accommodations for you and your guests, with prime amenities for honeymoon fun in Mexico.

Central Orlando, Florida A very popular choice for weddings and honeymoons, Central Orlando, in Florida, offers venues that include all the amenities one could imagine for a beautiful, romantic wedding followed by endless options for fun and play. Photo opportunities abound in all the Disney and Universal theme parks, Sea World and other venues that make for excitement and activity day through night

Caribbean Islands Other popular wedding destinations include Thailand, Caribbean Islands and Australia.

Most popular places for Destination Weddings According to our survey, most popular places for Destination Weddings away are

#1 Mexico

#2 Jamaica

#3 Dominican Republic

#4 Bahamas

#5 Hawaii

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